Family tree charts

Family tree charts come in all shapes and sizes, and with varying levels of content.

The charts that I supply as part of a research package will normally be either A4 or A3 in size, bound in the report. I also supply a separate pedigree chart which can be framed. Occasionally there may be more than one pedigree chart due to the size of the pedigree.

These charts can be enhanced by the addition of photographs of your ancestors should you have any available, but this is at extra cost due to printing.

If a person is/was entitled to a coat of arms then this can also be included. Basically, the charting is flexible to suit your requirements.

With a state-of-the-art printer I can print charts in any size up to A1 in size, and also scroll type charts up to A0 landscape in height and unlimited width. This is useful for showing relatives including aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

All charts can be either created direct from software or by hand, the latter being more expensive due to the time involved but providing a far more professional appearance. I am happy to quote for your requirements.

I can accept a GEDCOM file as the source material for your chart.

Sample charts

Below are just a few samples of what is possible.


I offer a number of fixed price research packages which may be of interest:

I also offer a totally bespoke service, so if the above do not meet your requirements then we can discuss what you need.